Monday, January 11, 2010

Ummm... alien abduction?

Well, I don't quite know how that happened.
I didn't think anybody even read this, but Momz and the Sis are all up in my face like "Blog, beeyatch!"
Yes M'ams...

I have in fact been taking pics every day, so I haven't completely fallen off the wagon.

Thursday 7 January
I finally unpacked from my little trip to New York, only a week after I got back, not too shabby.
I had bought this snowglobe for my Mum, but on my way to post it to her from NY (can't take them on the plane) it plummeted to it's untimely demise from my mittened hands.
BIG :(
But I kept it anyways and ran all over town to find her another one before the post office closed.


Friday 8 January
This is the view out of my bathroom window, I thought the sky looked particularly blue and gorgeous that afternoon, especially with the rusty colour of the trees against it. I'm pretty sure this was near sunset and it was a cloudless day- typical California sighhh

Saturday 9 January
I was too buggered after work that day to take any kind of important picture, so this is a few of my necklaces. They are pretty much all animals- there is a bat, octopus, dinosaurs, an eagle and a swallow. And brass knuckles haha.

Sunday 10 January
Day off!
Spent on the couch, in jammies and hoodie and... fancy dangly earrings?
That's how I do

Monday 11 January

Today I took a different route home, down a back street. I normally just zip along the main road that runs along side my apartment block, but there was smelly roadworks so I went the back way. I have driven and walked down that road many times, but as I cruised by this afternoon, all the colours were popping out at me from every which way.
So I parked at my place, walked back as the afternoon light was fading and got some nice shots of the prettyful flora that abounds on Arboleda Rd.

These fantastic red berries were growing on the side of an old RV parked in the yard, they were like iiiiiiity bitty tomatoes!

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