Sunday, January 3, 2010

All dressed up and .... ah, bugger it.

Today was my day off (well, it's Sunday- it should be everyone's day off!).
So I slept til 2pm and ate ice cream for breakfast.
I actually do this any day of the week, it's not a special thing reserved for non-work days or anything like that.
So after my slightly disappointing breakfast/lunch/afternoon tea a la mode, I fed the cat and did some more work on my NY scrapbook.
Then all of a sudden it was time to go out to dinner!
Tonight I debuted these rad pink tights (stockings?), which I think look rather spiffing with my thrift store boots.
I was going to go downtown after dinner and take some pics of the pretty lights on State St, but the call of my warm abode and Return Of The King on tv was too enticing.

Maybe tomorrow...

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