Sunday, January 3, 2010

Papers. PAPERS!

Please have your papers ready and in order people!
Step to the front of the line...

*** This post counts as Saturday January 2nd!***

I don't know why, but every time I go somewhere new I keep little scraps of paper that I collect on the trip. Receipts, ticket stubs and pretty much anything that has the name of the city I visited on it.
I had a bunch from my trip to New York last year, and I got a TON (not really) on this visit, so I started putting them in a regular A4 wirebound sketchbook. I think it would be weird to go all-out on a proper scrapbook for just papers and no photos, so I was just going to stick them in and that's that.
Buuuuut... it looks so naked!
So out comes the stickers, coloured pens, glitter glue and stamps.
Not so simple anymore.

The super-cute owl notebook is A5 size and fits perfectly into my bag, so it comes with me pretty much everywhere and it accompanied me all over NYC last week.

yay owls!!!

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  1. thats awesome! i collect little things too, but they rarely get stuck in anywhere!