Saturday, July 23, 2011

So far, sooooo...

This is me at 30 years and 3 days old...





Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Button button, who's got the button?

I do!
Well more accurately, my Etsy store does :D

New fabric covered button brooches.
Also known as badges.
Or pins.
Same same!

These are so fun to make!
I make them in sets, so you'll never have just one being lonely all by itself.
I personally like wearing badges in groups, especially the little ones. It's like wearing a tiny piece of artwork on your outfit!


I made some special for Easter too!
Bunnies and chickies and cuteness OH MY!

These and many more are for sale at MadLane on Etsy right now!!!

I'm busy making new ones every day, stay tuned for new listings :)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Presto Change-O aka The Land Of A Thousand Links

Well, that was interesting.
Like I mentioned in the previous post, I just got an iPhone. But what I forgot to mention was that I posted that last entry from said iPhone.
It's all rather confusing to me, like... it's a little computer?
But if you turn it sideways it changes??
Is it a phone???


*deep breath*

So anyway, I was writing a lovely post about... something... before and then I got an alert that I was being overrun with viruses- or more accurately, my computer was.
So that put a stick in my spokes and messed up the flow I had going on
I restarted and rebooted and tried to get back on track.
From what I can remember...
I had mentioned how
I redid my Etsy store
and that
and you would be crazy in the head to not go take advantage of it!
Or at least pass the good news onto someone who would appreciate it!
(Don't worry, all those ^^^ links lead to the same place
... guess where!!! teeheehee!!!)

So anywho, I can't seem to post pics from my fancypants new phone/computer/SKYNET device... ... onto any kind of website, which is a shame because it takes amazing photos!
I will persevere and figure it out though...

So for now I will show you some of the wonderfully brilliant and fantastic earrings that are NOW ON SALE in my Etsy store!

Fancy ridiculous names included!
I am not a fan of having to name items when I list them, I feel so hokey I want to roll my eyes at myself as I'm typing. But that makes it hard to see the screen properly...

Here I also listed the prices before and after the jaw-dropping discount

^^^ "Lolly Bag" Were $18 Now $10.80

^^^ "Hark Now Hear" Were $12 Now $7.20

^^^ "Coco Pebbles" Were $14 Now $8.40

^^^ "Eggs'n'Bacy" Were $16 Now $9.60

^^^"On Golden Wings" Were $20 Now $14

^^^"Platinum Panda" Were $18 Now $10.20

^^^ "Berry Dazzling" Were $22 Now $13.20

<<< "Marcel Muppet" Were $22
Now $13.20




So I got an iPhone yesterday, this is a very big deal for me.
I am not one to be up to date with the latest gizmos and gadgets or anything designed to make ones life remotely easier.
But this is working out great guns so far! That was on purpose, I want to see if they will show up in the blog haha

So anyways, I also gave my Etsy shop a bit of the old flipsy-doo and I think it's looking rather spiffy now! I was sick of looking at the same old order of things...
Also, I have marked ALL my earrings down by FOURTY PERCENT off the marked price!
Am I crazy?
No, but you are if you don't go check out the sale!
See what I did there...?

Monday, April 4, 2011

Creature Feature!

So, in amongst all the new fun things I made for the Pink Parlour show in LA last week, I also resurrected some old favourites.
About 3 or 4 years ago I made some super groovy creature pendants out of my trusty polymer clay and... love, sweat and tears! ;)
Every animal has a Swarovski crystal diamente eye, which sparkles and winks "hello!"
They were really popular when I used to sell at the Valley Markets in Brisbane, but they got left behind in my (admittedly unplanned) move to the USA. My lovely brother posted them over to me a while ago, and they got a fresh coat of varnish and some spiffy new packaging specially for their LA debut!
They will be listed very soon on Mad Lane's Etsy page, which, in case you forgot, is
-----> RIGHT THIS WAY <------

And below is a sneak peek for you at what you can expect...

* Birdy conga line, last dance before the big show!


*All nice and smart in their little plastic suits!
Dino & Birdy party time! Cactii welcome too!

I'm very pleased with how they came out, especially the tags!
But I worry that it makes them look a bit mass-produced? I just want to keep them spic'n'span and not get all scuffed! I put alot of work into each creature, I want them to stay in tip top shape!

Anywho, I hope you like them!

PS: If you want to refer anyone to my bloggy-blog here, feel free!
Please and thank you :D

Here's a picture of my cat having an existential identity moment to sweeten the deal...

Friday, April 1, 2011

Over here!

Hello lovers,
I'm still here and making lots of fun and colourful jewellery bits 'n' bobs!
Last weekend I was at the Pink Parlour Festival in Santa Anita LOS ANGELES.
Oooh Ahhh fancyyyyyy!

I had alot of fun, sold some stuff and was rendered partially deaf on account of being right near the 5 foot tall speakers next to the stage.
BUT! I did get a very good view of this lovely lady, and I can fully appreciate her amazing voice...

Good times!

I made a slew of new items to try out at the show, and a few of them went over really well!
Like the rings and pins I made from my stamped clay designs...

Of course I didn't think to take pictures until the end of the day, so at least half of them were sold by then... I swear! :P
I really wasn't sure if they would be popular, but they were!
So alot more of them to come, that's for certain :)

This weekend I will be selling at the Whole Foods Artist Market on Upper State St in Santa Barbara!
It's always a good day out, and lots of delish food very nearby.

Over and out!