Monday, April 4, 2011

Creature Feature!

So, in amongst all the new fun things I made for the Pink Parlour show in LA last week, I also resurrected some old favourites.
About 3 or 4 years ago I made some super groovy creature pendants out of my trusty polymer clay and... love, sweat and tears! ;)
Every animal has a Swarovski crystal diamente eye, which sparkles and winks "hello!"
They were really popular when I used to sell at the Valley Markets in Brisbane, but they got left behind in my (admittedly unplanned) move to the USA. My lovely brother posted them over to me a while ago, and they got a fresh coat of varnish and some spiffy new packaging specially for their LA debut!
They will be listed very soon on Mad Lane's Etsy page, which, in case you forgot, is
-----> RIGHT THIS WAY <------

And below is a sneak peek for you at what you can expect...

* Birdy conga line, last dance before the big show!


*All nice and smart in their little plastic suits!
Dino & Birdy party time! Cactii welcome too!

I'm very pleased with how they came out, especially the tags!
But I worry that it makes them look a bit mass-produced? I just want to keep them spic'n'span and not get all scuffed! I put alot of work into each creature, I want them to stay in tip top shape!

Anywho, I hope you like them!

PS: If you want to refer anyone to my bloggy-blog here, feel free!
Please and thank you :D

Here's a picture of my cat having an existential identity moment to sweeten the deal...


  1. hey this is so cool! i wish i could create something of my own too (:

  2. Thanks very much! Glad you like it :)