Friday, April 1, 2011

Over here!

Hello lovers,
I'm still here and making lots of fun and colourful jewellery bits 'n' bobs!
Last weekend I was at the Pink Parlour Festival in Santa Anita LOS ANGELES.
Oooh Ahhh fancyyyyyy!

I had alot of fun, sold some stuff and was rendered partially deaf on account of being right near the 5 foot tall speakers next to the stage.
BUT! I did get a very good view of this lovely lady, and I can fully appreciate her amazing voice...

Good times!

I made a slew of new items to try out at the show, and a few of them went over really well!
Like the rings and pins I made from my stamped clay designs...

Of course I didn't think to take pictures until the end of the day, so at least half of them were sold by then... I swear! :P
I really wasn't sure if they would be popular, but they were!
So alot more of them to come, that's for certain :)

This weekend I will be selling at the Whole Foods Artist Market on Upper State St in Santa Barbara!
It's always a good day out, and lots of delish food very nearby.

Over and out!

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